11 Prayers for Motivation and Productivity

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11 Prayers for Motivation and Productivity, along with Bible Verses

Many of us long to be more motivated, and many of us desire to be more productive. Saying a prayer before you start the task at hand helps you focus, relieves stress and anxiety, and gets your mind fixed on God.

Remembering that He is there and will help You is very encouraging. Bringing all of your thoughts, worries, and concerns to the Lord before you dive into your workday or to-do list places you in a position to do a better job and get more accomplished.

You will find that it’s more empowering to talk to God everyday rather than only going to Him when you face a big obstacle. Praying before you work or while you work will always have a positive effect on your day! There are no limitations on what you can pray about, and nothing is too big or too small.

Use any (or all) of these Prayers for Motivation and Productivity as you chat with God. You can say them word-for-word or use them as a guide in your conversation.

You’ve got this! May your day be very blessed. 🙂

  1. Father of All,

    I need Your direction each and every day.

    My desire is to enjoy this opportunity You’ve given me and to be very productive.

    When it’s hard to get started or I feel overwhelmed, please give me a push.

    May I keep my mind focused throughout the day.

    Help me to always remember that whatever I do,

    I need to do it in such a way that glorifies You.

    May Your will be done.


    So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

  2. Lord of Compassion,

    Knowing that I am ultimately working for You gives me the motivation

    To invest all of my passion and energy on the task at hand.

    May I be mindful and not allow myself to rush through my work.

    Help me to make the best and wisest use of the time You have given me.

    In the name of Jesus I pray,


    Smiling businessman working on laptop and feeling motivated

    Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ. Colossians 3:23-24

  3. Eternal King,

    May I be a tool used by You to bring You glory.

    At times when I feel inadequate, help me remember

    That I can do anything through Your strength.

    When things are difficult, please grant me courage.

    I cannot do anything by myself, but anything is possible through You!

    Thank You for being with me every step of the way.


    For I can do everything through Christ, Who gives me strength. Philippians 4:1

  4. Holy Messiah,

    May I work diligently in a way that points others towards You.

    Please grant me a clear mind free of any distractions.

    Show me the things that I need to change in order to be more effective.

    As I work, may my motive be pure – not full of pride or selfish ambition.

    Thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit, who is my Helper.

    I know that You will lead and guide me, and I thank You for that.


    Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up. James 4:10

  5. Faithful Lord,

    In those times when I am feeling discouraged or unmotivated,

    Please grant me the inspiration I need to continue on.

    Fill me with the strength and energy I need to do the best job possible.

    Help me to work in such a way that produces the greatest results with minimal effort.

    I want to do the best work possible for You and for my supervisor.

    May I have joy no matter what is going on around me.


    Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11

    African-American artist smiling while feeling motivated and productive

  6. God of Love,

    May I reflect Your lovingkindness towards everyone I interact with.

    Please help me to do an excellent job of prioritizing and being constructive.

    When I feel frustrated and I feel like giving up, may I remember

    That You have placed me exactly where You want me to be.

    I pray that Your light and love would shine brilliantly through me.


    In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

  7. Heavenly Father,

    Please help me to allow You to work through me today.

    Help me to keep my mind fixed on the goals set before me,

    And please help me to continually make significant progress.

    May the end result of my labor be rich and beneficial.

    I pray that what is accomplished will be a blessing to my manager.


    I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

  8. Mighty God,

    My desire is to be a very dedicated, dependable worker.

    Please help me to concentrate on what needs to be done.

    May my actions and decisions today be full of intentionality.

    Please help me fill my day with productivity instead of busyness.

    I pray that the results of my hard work will be fruitful.


    Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave. Proverbs 12:24

  9. Prince of Peace,

    As I work, may my mind be clear of thoughts and concerns that could distract me.

    When given the chance, I will do even more than what has been asked of me.

    In this way, I will be going the second mile, which may give me the opportunity

    To be a witness and have a conversation with my boss about Your amazing love.

    Help me to walk in a manner worthy of You.


    Motivated woman enjoying productive day, holding pencil in one hand with other hand on notebook and sitting at table

    And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. Matthew 5:41

  10. Merciful Father,

    When I think I have a good plan, help me remember to consult with You

    Before implementing that plan because Your thoughts are higher than mine.

    I ask You to give me the understanding I need to make wise decisions.

    When the evil one tries to distract me and get my eyes off of You, help me to resist.

    I pray for Your blessing to be upon any accomplishments that are made.

    Thank You for loving me and caring about all the details of my life.


    As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9

  11. Divine Redeemer,

    It is my desire to be more efficient

    And to go above and beyond what is required of me.

    When I need help or it’s necessary to delegate, please help me to do so.

    As time passes, I pray that my efforts would be very effective and beneficial.

    Please grant me favor and help me to be successful.

    All glory goes to You!


    May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us – yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17

It is my hope that these Prayers for Motivation and Productivity were a blessing to you.

I’d love to hear from you! You can leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Thank you, and it is my prayer that you have a very blessed day! ❤

11 Prayers for Motivation and Productivity

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