Best Marriage Restoration Prayer: 7+ Prayers

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7+ Versions of Marriage Restoration Prayer

All marriages have highs and lows. It’s been said that there’s something wrong with a marriage if the couple never has disagreements.

However, sometimes it gets to the point where the relationship is broken and needs to be mended.

There is always hope that a marriage can be restored. God can do absolutely anything, and He desires for all marriages to be successful.

Whether you want to say a prayer for marriage restoration after separation, an emergency prayer for marriage restoration, or a prayer for marriage under attack, any of the prayers below can help.

You may be wondering, “How do you pray for a broken marriage?” All you need to do is pour your heart out to God, tell Him everything, and ask for His help.

No matter what kind of issue you or someone you know is dealing with, the hope-filled prayers below will be helpful during your time of talking to God and asking for a marriage to be healed.

Use any of the 7+ versions of Marriage Restoration Prayer to guide your conversation with God. Be blessed!

  1. All-Powerful Father,

    Absolutely nothing is impossible with You.

    You are greater than my heart, and You know everything.

    I ask You to take the broken pieces of this marriage

    And create something incredibly good and beautiful.

    Please help me to have compassion towards my spouse.

    May the distance that has come between us be closed.

    I know that You will carry me and meet all of my needs.

    May the love that we used to have be rekindled.

    In the name of Christ,


  2. Mighty God,

    Your grace gives me eternal encouragement and a wonderful hope.

    You give wisdom generously, and I ask for Your blessing of wisdom.

    No relationship is too broken that You cannot redeem it.

    I will let my spouse know that I care and desire for things to be different.

    May Your divine presence and strength be strongly felt.

    Please help me show unconditional love to my spouse.

    Even when things are hard, I choose to walk in Your joy

    And completely surrender to You – Your way is so much better.

    I pray that my love for my spouse would increase and overflow.

    My hope is in You.


  3. Lord of Victory,

    You are more than able to take care of every obstacle I face.

    I am so grateful that You are constantly watching over me.

    Lord, You already know what is in my heart and on my mind,

    And You don’t want me to bear this pain all by myself.

    Please forgive me for the mistakes I’ve made in my marriage

    And please remove the sin of pride far from me.

    May I be filled with Your awesome strength and peace.

    Thank You that Your grace is always there to help me.

    I lift Your name up on high.


  4. My Redeemer,

    Thank You for holding me by the hand.

    You are my Helper, and I will not let fear become a stronghold.

    I know that You always do what is best and most loving for me.

    Please take out the bad things that have taken root in my marriage

    And replace them with things that are true, noble, pure and lovely.

    I know that we will come out of this stronger and closer than before.

    Even in this very difficult time, I choose to have joy and stay strong.

    With my faith and love rooted in You, I can face each day.

    May Your will be done.


  5. King of Kings,

    You see me, You know me, You hear me,

    And You are faithful in keeping all of Your promises.

    I trust that You are going to be with me during this tough time.

    This situation is temporary, and You are enough.

    When I begin to feel afraid or anxious, I ask You to

    Give me the wisdom to keep things in perspective.

    May I feel Your presence during this season of time.

    Please help me to have patience when I feel like giving up.

    Thank You for Your promise to never desert me.


  6. Holy Messiah,

    You gave up Your precious, perfect Son for me,

    And overwhelming victory is mine through You.

    I am committed to this relationship and to following You.

    Help me to focus on these truths: Love never gives up,

    Never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures every circumstance.

    I choose to forgive as You forgave me because

    Unconditional love does not keep track of wrongs.

    Please help me to be humble and gentle with my spouse.

    May Your name be blessed now and forevermore.


  7. God of Hope,

    You are able to do what I cannot.

    Thank You for loving me with Your perfect love.

    I know You are right here with me in this time of trial,

    And I choose to focus on my goal of following You

    Instead of focusing on my feelings, which can be deceptive.

    I have made many mistakes – You forgive me,

    And I choose to forgive my spouse for their mistakes.

    Right now I make the decision to pray for my spouse every day.

    May we build our lives on the truth of Your word.

    Please guide me with Your loving hand.


Scripture Prayer for Marriage Restoration

Father in Heaven,

Please help my spouse and I to be humble, gentle, and patient with each other,

Making allowance for each other’s faults because of Your love.

Help us to make every effort to keep ourselves united in the Spirit,

Binding ourselves together with Your peace that goes beyond understanding.

May we love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other.

Most important of all, help us to show deep love for each other,

For love covers a multitude of sins.

In the name of Christ I pray,


Scripture Prayer based on Ephesians 4:2-3, Romans 12:10, and 1 Peter 4:8

Marriage Restoration Prayer

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