Best Prayer Before Class: List of Short Prayers

Before Class (Empty Classroom)

9 prayers to choose from: 4 versions for teens or adults, an online class version, & 4 versions for younger children!

Saying an opening prayer before class is a great way to start the day because it helps students gather their thoughts, focus, and prepare to learn.

4 Versions of Prayer Before Class (or Bible Study)

  1. Precious Lord,

    We know that You are The Giver of wisdom.

    You are merciful, gracious and compassionate.

    Please help us make the most

    Of every opportunity You put before us.

    We pray that You would help us to be humble.

    Thank you for Your many blessings.

    In Jesus’ name we pray,


  2. Heavenly Father,

    We thank You and praise You!

    You are the everlasting God.

    Please prepare our hearts and minds to learn

    To the best of our ability today.

    Please bless us as we study.

    Please help us to grow.

    May Your protection be upon us as we go about our day.


  3. Mighty God,

    We are grateful for this day You have given us.

    We look forward to what You would have us learn.

    Please help us to be patient.

    Please help us to use the time You give us wisely.

    When we make mistakes, please help us to humbly accept correction.

    We know that You have plans for us, plans for us to succeed,

    Plans to give us hope and a future.

    Blessed be Your name forever and ever,


  4. Most High God,

    You are mighty and gracious.

    Eternal praise belongs to You.

    Respect for You is the beginning of wisdom.

    We pray that Your hand would be upon our teacher

    As they share their knowledge today.

    Please help us to be grounded in love.

    No matter what is going on in our lives,

    We ask that You would help us to not be anxious.

    We pray that Your peace would guard our hearts and minds.


Prayer Before Class (Online)

  1. Holy Father,

    As we are all gathered together in this moment,

    We come before You to thank You and to praise You.

    We are grateful that we can connect to each other

    No matter where we happen to be located.

    We pray that You would bless us with clear minds to focus.

    Please help us give all of our worries to You.

    We pray that we would encourage one another

    And build each other up.

    Thank You for the comfort of knowing that

    You are with us wherever we go.


4 Versions of Prayer Before Class (or Sunday School) for Children

  1. God, You made the the deep blue sea

    And You made the big oak tree.

    God, You made the grass so green

    And You made the birds that sing.

    God, You made the sun to glow above

    And You gave me someone to love.


  2. God, You are light, You are so good.

    You see all we do, and love comes from You.

    You made me and everyone else, too.

    Now please help us learn something new!


  3. God, You made the sky so big & high.

    You made the apples for the apple pie.

    You made the little ladybug

    And You gave me someone to hug.

    God, You made the dragonfly

    And the pretty birds that fly.

    Thank You, God, for all You made!


  4. Lord, we know You love us.

    We know You take care of us.

    You keep Your promises.

    You know when we are happy

    And when we are sad.

    You know everything.

    Even the birds in the sky

    And the fish in the sea

    Know that You made them.

    Lord, we love You.


Best Prayer Before Class: List of Short Prayers

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