Football Prayer 3 Dynamic Short Versions

Football teams ready to play after prayer

Football Prayer to say before the game starts

Any of these prayers work for players and coaches. If you’re wondering, “What is a good football prayer for before a football game?” any of the 3 below is an excellent choice!

  • Lord God Almighty,

    You are great & all-powerful.

    We often miss the mark, but You never fail.

    Thank You for the skills You have given us.

    May we walk on & off this field with a grateful spirit.

    We pray for good sportsmanship.

    Win or lose, may we remain humble.

    We seek protection for our minds & bodies.

    In Jesus’ Holy Name,


    American Football on a field with the Fifty Yard Line Beyond

  • Righteous Lord,

    You are so faithful & unchanging.

    We are all imperfect, but You are perfect.

    All good things come from You.

    We give thanks for allowing us to play today.

    As we compete, may all players be treated with respect.

    Please bless us with Your guidance,

    Grant us strength, & keep us from harm.

    In all we say & do, may we glorify You.


  • Everlasting Father,

    You are the King of Kings & the Lord of Lords.

    We often fall from grace, but You are gracious.

    Thank You for allowing us to be here today.

    We ask for Your blessing upon this game.

    May we play with a strong unity

    And work together with the same goal in mind:

    To bring honor & glory to You.

    In the sacred name of Jesus,


    American football player in action

To read or watch the incredible Tim Tebow (National Champion, NFL first-round draft pick, etc.) John 3:16 story, click here:

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment. Thank you, & it is my prayer that you have a very blessed football match! 🏈

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Football Prayer 3 Dynamic Short Versions

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